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LGBT Estate Planning

At The Law Center, we understand that LGBT partners and their children are often treated more like contractual partners than what they really are: life partners and families. As attorneys, we are familiar with the legal challenges facing non-traditional families. We can help you create a life and estate plan to best fit your situation.... Continue Reading »

Life and Estate Planning: Protecting LGBT and Same-Sex Couples

by Attorney Emily Dudak Leiter Introduction Marriage brings with it many advantages under both state and federal law. As you probably well know, however, you and your family do not receive the benefits and protections that are automatically granted other families because, under present law, you cannot marry. The law instead treats you and your... Continue Reading »

Estate Planning: What to Expect and What to Demand from your Attorney

by Emily Dudak Leiter Estate planning is an often overlooked piece of an otherwise responsible life. But what exactly is estate planning? It is more than just a Will, more than naming an “executor,” more than deciding who will get the antique engagement ring you inherited from your grandmother. Estate planning should certainly include those... Continue Reading »

LGBT Family Law

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: PROTECTING LGBT FAMILIES IN WISCONSIN AFTER PAVAN V. SMITH By Attorney Emily Dudak Leiter The Four Cases to Know As an LGBT parent, there are four cases you should know about, in order to understand your rights in Wisconsin and throughout the United States (and to understand the rest of this article).  In chronological... Continue Reading »

Wisconsin’s Domestic Partnership Law

Many clients have been calling about Wisconsin’s new domestic partnership law, which took effect on August 3, 2009. Here is a brief explanation of the law. What is a domestic partnership? It is a legal status for you and your partner if you register with the State of Wisconsin. It is legal recognition of your... Continue Reading »

In the Community – 2017

2017 Children & the Law Section’s New Blog About LGBT Families’ Rights Check out Attorney Emily Dudak Taylor​ and Attorney Kristi​ Baker on the State Bar of Wisconsin’s new children’s law blog.  They write about recent changes to LGBT family law and what cases all attorneys need to know. Attorney Sara Vanden Brook has been selected to... Continue Reading »

Current Events

2018 Stand up and Sing! For Kids The Law Center, S.C., was one of the many proud sponsors of the Canopy Center’s “Stand Up and Sing! for Kids” event held on May 16, 2018 that benefits Canopy Center’s Dane County CASA, Oasis and the Parent to Child programs. Dane County CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates)... Continue Reading »

In the Community – 2014

November 16, 2014 at Happy Bambino, Madison, Wisconsin Family Equality Council’s “Maybe Baby – Wisconsin 2014″ Event Attorney Emily Dudak Taylor will be at Happy Bambino this Sunday, November 16, 2014, to talk about post-Wolf family formation issues. Please come join her and other ART professionals at the Family Equality Council’s “Maybe Baby – Wisconsin…... Continue Reading »

In The Community – 2010-2011

September 8, 2011 LGBT Family Law Institute in Los Angeles Emily Dudak Taylor and Judith Sperling-Newton will be speaking on the International Panel on LGBT Issues at this year’s institute. The institute is a joint venture of the National Center for Lesbian Rights and the National LGBT Bar Association, and allows experienced LGBT attorneys from... Continue Reading »

In the Community – 2016

2016 Instructions to Add Second Parent To Child’s Social Security Record See the attached Social Security record instructions pdf. Post-Election Questions: Here are answers to the questions we are receiving repeatedly after the election, and as requested, some of our post-election thoughts and ideas as a Wisconsin lawyers who practices LGBT law:   No, the... Continue Reading »