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Estate and Gift Tax Planning

It has been said that nothing can be certain, except death and taxes.  We can help you plan for both. Proper estate and gift tax planning can minimize estate taxes upon your death, allowing you to pass more of your assets to your beneficiaries.

Estate or inheritance taxes are based on the value your estate when you die.  Federal tax law sets forth the amount which is exempt from estate tax.  Estate tax rates have ranged as high as 55% in the recent past.  By planning now, you can maximize the amount that you can give to your beneficiaries free of estate tax.

Gift tax planning is an important part of estate tax planning. Proper planning allows you to make lifetime gifts that minimize estate taxes.  We can help you navigate the ever-changing law of gift tax exemptions and give you the information you need to make gifting decisions.   By maximizing the use of gift tax exemptions, you can increase the assets that pass to your beneficiaries free of estate tax.  We can also help you decide which assets are best suited for gifting.