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The laws surrounding acquiring, owning or selling property can be complex. We are experienced in these specialized areas of law, and will advise you about your property transaction.

We can help you with the process of buying or selling real estate. By law, only an attorney can give you legal advice.  As your attorneys, we will look out for your best interests.

How can an attorney help you with the process?  We can:

  • Draft or review your Offer to Purchase – the document that sets forth the terms of a real estate transaction and spells out contingencies that are needed for your protection – and help ensure that all contingencies are satisfied.
  • Handle questions of title.  This includes ensuring that there is good and clear title to the real estate.  If you are the buyer, it includes counseling you on your options regarding how to take title to the real estate, and following up on the issuance of your title insurance policy.
  • Counsel you about documents that are advisable when a property is owned by several owners, such as a joint property ownership agreement or a buy-sell agreement.

We can also help you with all aspects of leasing a property, from the inception of a lease to the termination of the lease.