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The Law Center for Children & Families

Leaf LeftThe Child Comes FirstLeaf Right

The best interests of the child are paramount. We believe children have the right to be loved, nurtured, respected and free of fear, anxiety, uncertainty and harm. This is what drives us.

Leaf LeftWe are not afraid to fightLeaf Right

From routine to complex cases, we work to achieve security for children, families and the individuals we serve. Sometimes we do this through negotiation; sometimes we do this in court. We use creativity, determination and an in-depth knowledge of the law to help our clients.

Leaf LeftFamilies come in many different formsLeaf Right

Some may be two-parent families, same sex couples, single parents, multi-generational or not related by blood. To each other, they are family and their relationship should be protected.

Leaf LeftWe believe in law with a conscienceLeaf Right

Before we accept a case, we ask ourselves this question: If we win, will it be good for the child, or other family member who should be protected? In other words, will we be able to sleep at night? If the answer is yes, then we gather our resources and get to work.