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Divorce, Dissolution and Paternity

We believe “winning” a divorce case is finding the best solution for the family, especially for the child. Children have a right to the most secure and stable family environment, no matter what the adults are experiencing in their own relationship.

We are dedicated to helping families throughout Wisconsin minimize the traumatic effects of divorce including the financial and emotional costs. Ideally, both parents will have a safe, protected relationship with their children. Unfortunately, disputes over custody and placement can arise even years after the divorce or paternity judgment. Our experienced attorneys help find a resolution and can step in when new issues arise for your family.

We are prepared to handle divorce cases in a variety of ways. Our attorneys are trained in the collaborative model (a team-centered approach used to resolve family law disputes). When collaboration and/or settlement are not possible, we are experienced litigators and strong advocates for our clients’ best interests. At an initial consultation, the full range of options is fully explored and the client decides which approach best fits his or her situation.

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