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Modern technology has given us amazing new techniques for helping those who want to become parents. It has also given us many legal questions that need to be answered early on in the process.

  • How important is screening?
  • Will insurance cover any of the expenses?
  • What happens after the baby is born?
  • Is the surrogacy contract enforceable?
  • How do we make sure that the baby ends up with the right legal parents?
  • Do we need a home study in order to participate in a surrogacy?
  • I want to be a carrier for another couple. How do I get started?
  • Can the carrier change her mind and keep the baby?
  • What additional issues are involved in an intercountry surrogacy arrangement?

Our team is among the few in Wisconsin with the qualifications and experience to handle these cases. We have been involved in hundreds of surrogacy cases. We understand the importance of advance planning and well-thought out written agreements and legal briefs.